Justin goes INDIE (gogo)


We’re excited to announce our new crowd-funding effort to raise 1 year’s worth of filming and editing Justin’s journey towards independence. Our goal is to follow Justin for the next two years, through his self-imposed deadline of moving out of the house and bringing home a paycheck doing what he loves. Justin is not alone. In this country, there are tens of thousands of young individuals who also have dreams that are bigger than their autism. In fact, this year approximately 50,000 Americans with autism will turn 18 years old.*

Some people use the word “crisis” to describe this wave of young adults with autism. While the challenges are indeed immense, our goal with the production of DON’T FOIL MY PLANS is to focus on the opportunities for such individuals to live meaningful, productive and public lives.

There are so many ways you can help. For starters, visit our campaign page where you can read more about the project and most importantly, have an opportunity to contribute towards the telling of Justin’s story.

*Dr. Paul T. Shattuck of the Drexel Autism Institute

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