In December 2013, we wrapped up our crowd funding campaign after exceeding our goal. With a generous matching grant from John and Barbara Wilkerson, we were able to raise $40,000 to launch the production of DON’T FOIL MY PLANS.  With this money, we have been able to bring the film all the way through the final edit. There is still much work to be done, and we welcome your support so that together we can get Justin’s story out in front of the right audiences! We are still welcoming your support for color correction and sound mixing, as well as the myriad of costs associated with film festival submissions. By donating, you have invested in a project that has the potential to create real change for countless young adults with autism. This isn’t simply a story about one person’s journey, but the journey of a generation. If you haven’t already, partner with us on Facebook and twitter. Thanks for all of your interest and heartfelt support!

Ben Stamper, Director of DON’T FOIL MY PLANS


Don’t Foil My Plans is currently raising funds on Indiegogo through our fiscal sponsor Noah’s Ark Institute. All donations are tax-deductible. Partner with us today!

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